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Clarity and Leadership – Part 1

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January 11, 2011

Things can get pretty muddled up in this business.  It is common to get side-tracked or confused.  There is always a cool new way to recruit candidates, secure great job orders or to make the perfect match.  Innovation and change are, of course, necessary to keep you relevant.  However, for those of you at the top, leading your organization through the woods of distractions, you are the one responsible for holding that very clear beacon of  focus and for consistently reminding those who walk with you exactly what you stand for.

No one says it better than Marcus Buckingham in his book titled, "The One Thing You Need to Know" 

"Show your team clearly who they should seek to serve, show them where their core strength lies, show them which score they should focus on and which actions must be taken today and they will reward you by working their hearts out to make your better future come true."

Clarity is crucial.  Lack of clarity will eat away at the fabric of your organization and you will not notice until it is ready to crumble to the ground.  Repetitious clarity will make your organization shine so brightly that it cannot be ignored.