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Clarity and Leadership – Part II

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July 27, 2009
Bill Gates once said, "In three years, every product my company makes will be obsolete.  The only question is whether we will make it obsolete or someone else will."  You can never get too comfortable, or the world will pass you by. 

The tricky part of this equation for a leader is how to remain innovative and dedicated to continuous improvement while providing a clear and consistent message to your team about the direction of your company.  It is important to remember that change and innovation are about improving the products and services that you offer. Making these products and services the best that they can be is how your company delivers on it’s brand message and direction. 

Indulge me as I once again quote Marcus Buckingham from his book "The One Thing You Need to Know", as the entire focus of this book is about clarity in leadership:

"Above all, do not worry about being repetitious.  Just when you are starting to get bored by the sound of your own voice may be the very moment when you finally reach into the minds of those you lead, pierce their confusion and allow them to see for the first time your, and their, better future."

It is very comforting for the team to follow a leader with a clear vision and to know that you are all moving in the same consistent direction…particularly when you are surrounded by internal change that keeps you innovative, relevant and continuously improving.