LIFE is a Four Letter Word

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January 26, 2011
At a miScrabble tilesnimum, L I F E can be worth as few as 3 points in the game of Scrabble. It can also be worth over ten times that if played strategically. I know this because my son and I recently purchased a new Scrabble game and we now have continuous games going as we come and go and the whole family is learning to think more strategically. We have the added bonus of doing something fun as a family which automatically increases our "LIFE" points metaphorically. How does this apply to hiring trends, Indianapolis staffing or That’s Good HR? Well, you know I always have a point and here it is…

Just like you have control over how you place those letters on the Scrabble board to achieve the most positive outcome, you also control your own LIFE to a certain extent and have some impact on the outcomes. I recognize, of course, that in the game AND in life, there is the luck of the draw factor and some circumstances you cannot control. Life throws us those curve balls and we do our best to manage them as they come, but our actions and reactions to those curve balls have a direct impact on the outcome.

It seems that the big stories in the news these days focus on the job market, unemployment and employment predictions for 2011. It is interesting to note as I follow these stories that they seem to reside in two main camps. One focuses on the difficulties many are facing in finding employment, particularly if they have been out of work for an extended period of time. The other side focuses on the importance of employee engagement in 2011 as your very best workers who have held on through the tough times may be lured away by better offers.  Do you see the gap? One side cannot find work, the other side has many options.

So, if you are in the first camp and you are struggling to find work, how frustrating is it that many of the opportunities for employment are going to the already employed? Very, I am sure. What I see here, however, is a potential opportunity. If great employees are leaving companies for better opportunities, this leaves a gap for other great employees to move into the vacated role and the ripple effect of back filling and moving still leaves a gap somewhere. This is where you come in. The down side being that you may have to be willing to take steps back right now in order to get the chance to be that next great employee.

Sell yourself by just putting it all on the table. You understand how the market is working and moving these days and you understand that there is much talent movement expected in the market among the employed. This, in turn, will leave gaps in places that you are ready to fill.  Those who were employed and who were loyal and dedicated during the past very tough 18 months are in a position to be recruited, promoted or to move on to new pastures in other ways. Those who were impacted by the recent economy in such a way that displaced them from their jobs AND who have remained engaged in the job market and the changes that have come about in the workplace (both in technology and in cultures) are the next in line to cover the gaps.

Now, I know it is not just that simple and this blog post could become a novel if we wanted to analyze this fully. What I do know, however, is that Indianapolis staffing companies and recruiters like That’s Good HR are here to help. That is what we do. We work with those who fall into both camps described above and help with what can be a very daunting stage in your LIFE.  So, review your game board, revise your game plan and play strategically.