Life is a Waterslide

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August 24, 2010
We recently took a family mini-vacation and visited Big Splash Adventure water park in French Lick, Indiana.  40,000 square feet of indoor water slides, pools and attractions.  Not typically how I would choose to spend my weekend, but definitely worth watching my boys (husband included) frolic in the water for hours and hours as if they were in Disney world.  It was a nice way to end the summer and get ready to be serious about academics and all of the other schedule hogging events that come along with that.

Given that I am a dedicated blogger, I am constantly seeking out opportunities to relate day to day life back to Indianapolis staffing, hiring trends or the Central Indiana jobs.  I like to blog about the correlations between everyday life and the workplace and how the two are inextricably intertwined.  Hanging at the water park just so happened to offer the perfect opportunity for a story. 

As I was sitting on the back of a two person inner tube with my 7 year old in the front, plunging into the long dark twisty tunnel of the giant water slide, I had a sensation that seemed oddly familiar to me – panic.  Here I am, a 40 something mother of two with a full time career (and all of the other things that go along with life in general), sliding blindly down a large plastic tube filled with water that, at some point, dumps you into a gushing pool.  My first thought was (modified without the expletives) "what was I thinking?"  Next thought "where am I going?".  Third thought "what if something goes wrong?".  For a full minute or two I was out of control of my life.  There was no stopping once I got going and there was no turning back   I was committed whether I liked it or not.  Where the slide took me, I was going no matter what.  

As I was banging into walls and screaming at the top of my lungs it occurred to me that this was very similar to the feeling I had as summer was ending, school was starting, soccer was starting, homework was starting, meetings, events, games, schedules…it was all changing all at once and I felt the exact same sense of panic.  It was as if I was sliding down a long dark tube and there was no way to stop time or turn back.  We all experience times like this in our lives, sometimes just for an instant, others for what seems like forever.  It does not matter if you are in an entry level job or a six figure job or if you are in the midst of your job search.  We all feel like we are in a water slide from time to time.  It’s that time of year so at least you can brace yourself for what is coming, much like I braced myself as I climbed the very long staircase to the water slide.  Yet, somehow we are never quite prepared for the ride and sometimes you just have to scream on the way down.

If you considering or in the midst of an Indianapolis job search, That’s Good HR can at least help prepare you and be your support for the journey.   We understand it can be scary so we don’t mind if you scream on the way.