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Making Staffing Better: A Conversation With Mary and Greta

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That's Good HR partners Greta Cline and Mary Springer
That's Good HR
October 19, 2023

Seasoned HR leaders Mary Springer and Greta Cline delve into two decades of strategic staffing conversations for the Indianapolis market

October is National Women’s Small Business Month, which makes it a great time to highlight That’s Good HR and our owners, Mary Springer and Greta Cline. Together, these women have watched the Indianapolis area staffing market grow and change, all while remaining committed to the vision of making staffing better for the candidate and better for the client. Let’s look back on the early years and find out what Mary and Greta have learned about making the best matches for the Indianapolis area job market.

Where does the That’s Good HR story begin? Why did you see a need in the Indy area?

Our company’s journey began with a simple, heartfelt desire to revolutionize the world of staffing in the Indianapolis region. After extensive experience at a prominent national firm, Mary knew she could do staffing better. Mary directed her attention to starting a temporary staffing division at That’s Good HR in 2000, and her insights led to groundbreaking improvements that benefit both the jobseekers and the employers in the Indianapolis staffing scene.

In 2004, Greta joined forces with Mary. That’s Good HR’s temporary staffing division was experiencing remarkable growth in the Indianapolis area. Greta, with her background in accounting and business operations from her time at a national public accounting firm and various corporate positions, was ready for her next challenge. Her ultimate aspiration was to spearhead finance, IT, and operations teams, all while embracing a distinctive customer service mindset. This vision perfectly aligned with Mary’s commitment to providing top-notch customer service in the realm of Indianapolis staffing. You might say it was a match that mattered.

In the last two decades, That’s Good HR has been providing a wide range of services, including temporary staffing, temp-to-hire, direct hire options, and HR consulting.

What are the company’s core values? How do they contribute to TGHR’s longevity?

TGHR’s core value is to do the right thing every time, especially in the dynamic world of people-centric business in Indianapolis This is where true emotions come into play, from various perspectives, and we understand that navigating the staffing landscape isn’t always straightforward.

That’s Good HR has three core customers in mind: candidates, clients and TGHR internal staff. Together, they are the guiding stars for determining what is right in the evolving field of Indianapolis staffing. Keeping all three parties in mind leads to the right decision every time. We always work hard to do what is right for our three core customers. There will always be issues in the work that we do – after all, our product is people. It is how we handle those issues that sets us apart from the competition and has given us our longevity.

What has been the biggest game changer in the business over the past 20 years?

Technology, technology, and technology. That’s Good HR has not only witnessed it, but actively embraced the transformation. That’s Good HR was started with a rolodex, manilla file folders and a fax machine. You won’t find any of those relics in our office today.

How has technology made the job search process better? Has it impeded it at all?

When it comes to the ups and downs of technology in the world of Indianapolis staffing, we could chat for weeks or even months! Let’s keep it short and sweet. In a nutshell, technology has been the game changer. It’s allowed recruiters and candidates to reach each other more efficiently. There’s more flexibility via remote work, and our internal staff can track and communicate with candidates through electronic communication. But electronic communication, for all its convenience, can also be slow and cumbersome. That’s why we like to chant the mantra of “PUP” – Pick Up the Phone. When in doubt, make the call. It usually is much more efficient than waiting for an email response.

What sort of changes happened in the past three years, as the business world readjusted for the pandemic?

One word: Virtual. Before the pandemic, virtual was an occasional exception. But the pandemic forced businesses to rethink their operations, quickly adopting virtual technology that lets people work together while working at home. Our entire business process changed from in-person to virtual – virtual interviews, virtual onboarding, virtual training, virtual meetings with clients, working from home, and so on. This has been the hardest change for our business. We had to adjust to making great matches without client visits or in-person interviews.

Have those changes been permanent? Some part of virtual is here to stay, but we do not think the balance between virtual/remote and in-person has been struck yet.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of remote work today, now that the pandemic is not the concern it was three years ago?

It’s a complex discussion, but here’s our easy answer to a hard question – managing your life is easier when you’re working remotely. Managing a business is harder.

How has the job market evolved over time? What should candidates and clients keep in mind as they navigate the job market?

Today’s job market is employee driven. Employees hold the reins, and we often caution our clients that they cannot expect the kind of employee loyalty they had in the past. Employees will change jobs more often, and often do not have the tenure the employer expects. From our vantage point, we see employers working harder to find and retain candidates. That’s where a company like That’s Good HR can offer a competitive hiring edge. As someone uniquely situated in the middle of the staffing equation, we often have inside information from candidates about what they want from a job, and what will keep them loyal to the company.

As we’ve seen in the past, very few things remain unchanged in the staffing market. The market continues to shift, and we are hopeful that it will land somewhere in the middle, where the employee and employer work together in sync to create tenure for a fair and balanced relationship. In this evolving  equation, That’s Good HR will be the constant, with our commitment to doing the right thing and making staffing better for the candidate and the client. Always.