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Why Does the Match Matter When It Comes to Finding the Right Employees?

At That's Good HR, we talk about making matches. Find out why it's important to hire the right person the first time.

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Mary Springer headshot
Mary Springer
February 15, 2024

When you have an opening at your company, you want to fill the role quickly. That’s Good HR will find someone whose skills, experience and personality fit your company’s requirements and current culture. We’re more than just a staffing agency – That’s Good HR recruiters maintain an updated database of qualified candidates who have been interviewed and are ready to go. Read on to find out why the match matters, and why you want the right person to fill your open position.

The cost of vacant positions

When someone leaves your company, their absence creates an imbalance. After all, an open position puts extra pressure on your remaining employees and can disrupt the flow of how things are done. It also costs money. According to data from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the average cost of hiring a new person is nearly $4,700. Even that doesn’t account for the time it takes to screen potential candidates and bring them on board. Finding the right person will save you money, headaches, time and productivity at work.

Speaking of productivity, itoften takes a hit when someone leaves, because the rest of the team must take on extra work to make up for their coworker’s absence. People may be forced to perform unfamiliar tasks, and the extra work can detract from their primary job responsibilities. Exhaustion can set in, along with an emotional toll relating to the coworker’s departure.

The value of a good match

Filling an open position can be a challenge. Someone who looks good on paper may not have the professional skills or personality you’re seeking. Choose the wrong candidate, and you can wind up spending extra time training them and correcting their errors. Find the right match, and you’ll be able to focus on your original priorities with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your business productivity is back to normal.

A good match can also pay you back in retention. When you’re able to keep an employee longer, you’re saving on the costs of recruiting and training someone new. Nobody wants to go back to the hiring drawing board, especially when you just filled the position recently.

How That’s Good HR makes the match matter

When you call That’s Good HR, you’re connecting with trained professionals who have already done your recruiting groundwork. For instance, our recruiters regularly attend recruiting events and review online and social media networks to pinpoint potential candidates. We’ve had conversations and understand their skillsets and personalities, which can often be gamechangers in the professional matchmaking process. When you call That’s Good HR, we are committed to providing interviewed, pre-qualified candidates within 24-48 hours. You’re already saving time and money because you don’t have to tackle the screening process.

That’s Good HR recruiters do more than check the boxes for job skills and experience. They take the time to talk to candidates and uncover the nuances that can make a powerful difference in a successful job placement. That’s Good HR can also navigate the early days of a candidate’s placement. We recognize the human element of the employment match. That’s why we stay in touch with the employee and the employer to ensure effective communication during the temp-to-hire process. If there are problems or disconnects, we can step in and handle issues quickly and fairly.

It is still a competitive jobseeker’s market, and good candidates can be lost if you hesitate during the hiring process. Ensure you’re making the most of your time by partnering with That’s Good HR and our more than 20 years of experience in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. If you have a current opening, give us a call at 317-469-4141 or fill out the form at https://thatsgoodhr.com/employers.