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Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Job Search!

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March 9, 2011
March 20th marks the official first day of Spring and it is so hard to believe that day is rightSpring Clean around the corner!  You may be finding yourself getting ready to do spring cleaning at your home and using it as an excuse to get rid of some junk in your closets or to declutter your garage.  While you are in the mode of cleaning, why not do some "spring cleaning" related to your Indianapolis job search?  What do I mean by that?  Below you will find 3 quick tips for doing a quick cleaning up of your job search.    

  • Dust off your resume.  Do a thorough review of your resume to look for ways that you can spruce it up a bit.  Specifically spend some time on what you have listed as key responsibilities and accomplishments in your current (or most recent) position.  You may have something new to add that would be appealing to potential employers.
  • Clean up your LinkedIn page.  If you’re like me, you may have created a LinkedIn account a few years ago, got your profile as close to 100% complete as possible, but you have not done much to update it since then.  The quality of the information that you have listed on your LinkedIn page is growing ever more important as hiring trends continue to move towards social media being a key resource for Indianapolis recruiters to find great talent.  If you want some suggestions on how to update your LinkedIn page, check out another blog of mine.  This post was geared towards college students, but can definitely be just as applicable for everyone in the job search.
  • Set new goals.  Sit down and type out what your short and long term goals are in your personal and professional life.  Are they the same as they were when you started your search?  Make sure that you tie this back to the types of positions, companies and industries that you are targeting in your search to ensure you’re still on the right path in your search.  Look back at these goals on a regular basis as a way to constantly remind yourself what Indianapolis job search activities are going to help you meet those goals.

The tips I just mentioned can be used for Indianapolis job seekers at all levels.  It is easy for all of us to just be complacent with our search and miss out on opportunities to really showcase ourselves in a top-notch manner.  Plus, working on these items will give you a good excuse for taking a break from your real spring cleaning.  So with that, I wish you Happy Spring Cleaning in more ways than one!