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The Art of the Post-Interview Thank-You Note

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October 8, 2012

So you’ve discovered your perfect job. You sailed through the phone interview, had a great rapport with the recruiter, and answered all of his or her questions to the best of your ability. All that’s left is to sit and wait for the job offer to come in, right?


Many job seekers forget about this one element that can make or break their career. It’s the thank-you note. Why should you write a thank-you note, and how should you respond to a recruiter after an interview?

  • Express your appreciation: A thank-you note shows the recruiter or hiring manager that you appreciate his or her time, and that the company considered you out of hundreds of job candidates for the position.
  • Re-affirm your interest:  A hand-written letter, card or even an email is a great way to let the recruiter or hiring manager know that you are still interested in the position, and excited for the opportunity.
  • Summarize your qualifications: Much like a cover letter, the thank-you letter can remind the recruiter or hiring manager of the various skills and experience you have that make you a perfect fit for the job.
  • Keep it neat, short and sweet. Respond in a concise way. Don’t forget to check for typos and grammatical errors, and to use good penmanship if you’re hand-writing the note.
  • Follow-up to any outstanding questions: If, during the interview, you had a question you weren’t quite sure how to answer, or that may have put some doubt into the interviewer’s mind, now is the time to clarify or redeem yourself with an explanation or further thought.
  • Offer additional information: In addition to your letter, you could offer some professional recommendations or sample project work that might help the recruiter make his or her final decision.
  • Thank again, and conclude: Finally, express your thanks at the close of the letter, and the hiring manager that you look forward to hearing from him or her soon. At this point, the rest of the work is in the recruiter’s hands, and he or she will follow-up with you from this point.

Whether you choose to respond to your interview with a hand-written card, letter or email, a thank-you can leave a lasting impression in the recruiter’s mind – helping you to stand out when the company makes its final hiring decision.