The Dreaded Resignation

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December 29, 2009
Lets face it.  You might have just accepted your dream job OR be totally miserable in your current job.  But resigning from a job is just painful. 

So what is the best way to resign when engaged in an Indianapolis job search?  Here are a few tips:

  • Get it in writing.  Make sure you have received a formal job offer in writing before you quit your current job.  Don’t get fed up with your job or boss, have a bad day, and then quit.  It is much easier to find another Indianapolis management position if you currently have a job.  Before you resign, make sure you have worked through the logistics with your new employer like salary, start date, and job title and description. 
  • Do it in person.  Schedule some time to meet with your current boss in person as soon as possible after you have formally accepted a job offer.  Unless your manager works in another city/location or is on vacation, you should tell him/her that you are leaving face to face.   
  • Don’t be negative.  As unhappy as you may be, it never behooves you to badmouth your current employer.  Simply let your manager know that you have found a better opportunity and it is time to move on.
  • Give it to your boss in writing.  When you give your notice, have a short resignation letter prepared.  Here are some tips on resignation letters. 
  • Wrap it up.  Let your boss know when your last day is going to be and work with your boss to identify what you need to accomplish before you leave.  Two weeks is a standard professional notice period.  Many candidates often feel that they need to give more notice which can often be distracting to your current employer and co-workers.  Giving too much notice can also send a signal to your new employer that you aren’t very enthusiastic about starting your new position.
  • Be prepared for the counteroffer.  Your current employer might try to lure you to stay with promises of additional compensation, responsibility or promotions.  While a counteroffer might be enticing, why weren’t you worth that additional money or compensation yesterday?  Does it take you leaving to get something that you should have been getting anyway?  Is that the type of company that you want to work for?  Also, once you give notice you are breaking a trust with your employer and no longer known as a loyal employee.  Also, hiring trends and statistics indicate that if you accept a counteroffer, the probability of you leaving that company within six months or being let go within one year is extremely high.
  • Again, keep it positive.  During those last few weeks with your current employer, it might be very tempting to be negative.  However, remember that the Indianapolis job market, or the job market in almost any city in America, is a small community.  You never know when you might run into your current manager or co-workers and need their help.          

Congratulations and best wishes to you in your new opportunity!