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To work or not to work????

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September 21, 2009

As we approach flu season, the question looms large: "do I stay home" or "do I go in and get work done"?

Many Indianapolis Staffing companies and their employees are facing this question.

As this flu season is predicted to be bad, it is, first, important to take precautions to avoid sickness. These include frequent washing of your hands, wiping down your work area (including keyboard and phone) and any other frequently handled surfaces on a daily basis. This also includes coughing or sneezing into your elbow.

Secondly, if you do experience flu-like symptoms, please see your doctor immediately and notify your employer. To review specific information, go to

Indianapolis Companies should develop a plan to ensure sick employees stay home and that the workload is covered. Whether this is determining which employee covers specific tasks for a sick employee or whether a sick employee is set up to work from home.  

There are many types of Central Indiana Jobs that can generally be done from home such as some Management Positions, Executive Headhunters, HR jobs and Accounting Finance jobs while Administrative jobs usually need to be done at the company site.
It is important to determine the workload and employee roles before multiple employees are absent!  It may seem strange to dedicate time to plan for volume absences in the unknown future, but better safe than sorry.