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Top 5 Career Change Fields for 2022

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Hannah Replogle
February 16, 2022
Are you feeling burnt out and in need of a career change? That’s Good HR is here to help Indianapolis job seekers identify a number of career fields that are perfect for those looking for something new. No matter your current skills or education, we’ve got suggestions and currently open jobs for just about everyone. Check out these top five career change fields for 2022 and think about where you might fit in best!

1. Administrative/Executive Assistant

One of the most versatile career change fields for job seekers is serving as an administrative or executive assistant. Just about every company is in need of administrative assistants, which means that you could find yourself in a wide variety of industries. If you are a people person with great organizational skills and a sense of efficiency, chances are that working as an administrative assistant could be a good fit for you. Assistants also interact with many departments in a company, allowing you to quickly learn a lot about your new field. Some administrative assistant positions also allow for virtual/work from home or part-time options. 

2. Project Manager

Another career change option that is needed across many different fields is project management. If you have experience facilitating large projects and managing others, working as a project manager could be the perfect transition for you. Some of the transferable skills you’ll need as a project manager include exceptional communication with others, time management and organizational skills, as well as the ability to pivot and adapt quickly when changes or challenges arise. It can help you land a new job in project management if you have prior knowledge of the field that you’re looking into, and you can also seek out project management certifications that will look good on your resume. 

3. Human Resources

Although we might seem a little biased coming from the field of human resources, it truly is a great option for job seekers. Every company needs HR support, and many fields have skills that transfer well into a human resources position. Candidates currently working as educators and nurses are some of the most burnt-out individuals due to the stresses of the pandemic, and they can also make some of the best HR professionals. Other careers that can make a smooth transition to entry level human resource positions include flight attendants, trainers and jobs in the service industry. Anyone with significant experience in customer service and top-notch interpersonal and problem-solving skills are likely to find satisfaction in human resources

4. Accountant/Bookkeeper

Do you like working with numbers? Serving as an accountant or bookkeeper for a local organization could be a good fit for you. Once again, most companies in a variety of fields will require support from an accountant. Previous experience working with financial documents, coordinating payments or handling operations is a great asset when looking into a career change to accounting or bookkeeping. Accounting can be much more than just crunching numbers, so be sure to highlight any experience or passion for strategic thinking, efficiency and maintenance of important records. Even if you don’t have professional experience in finance, a personal interest and knowledge of investing and banking can be beneficial to future employers. 

5. Healthcare Administrator

Although healthcare can admittedly be a difficult field to serve in during the pandemic, hospital administrators are an important role that need to be filled. Healthcare administration doesn’t typically work directly on the floor with patients, so you may find yourself less fatigued than someone working 12-hour or night shifts. If you have past experience with staffing and assigning shifts, supervising performance or managing client/patient data, you could find healthcare administration to be a good fit. Medical coding is another career option in healthcare admin that many people enjoy, though it often requires training and certification. If you have superior leadership, logic and decision-making skills, then maybe it’s time to look into healthcare administration.

If you are ready to make a career change, That’s Good HR is ready to help. Contact us today at 317-469-4141 to learn more about your options or submit your resume.