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Facing Unemployment? Ready For a Change?

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Mary Springer
September 26, 2023

Being unemployed isn’t easy, but it’s something most people face during their careers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, older workers reported more than five separate unemployment spells during their lifetimes. In addition to stressing your wallet, being unemployed can also trigger feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, and hopelessness. But the good news is that you’re not alone in the job search! That’s Good HR is here to help people who are seeking their next professional opportunity.

The top causes of unemployment

There are almost as many reasons for unemployment as there are people who are currently unemployed. Sometimes people leave their jobs because they’re caring for a child or an elderly parent. Some receive the dreaded “pink slip” that tells them they’re no longer going to be employed by their company. Some people leave their jobs with a valid reason, only to discover they’re ready to return to the workplace in a few months.

Roughly speaking, unemployment can be traced to economic recessions and depressions, technological improvements and job outsourcing. In addition, some people will intentionally choose to leave their jobs. Not every job is a good fit, and we hear different stories from people who come to us for job placement:

  • They’re bored. We always advocate for being proactive and talking to management – there may be other positions in the company that can light that spark again. But if nothing is available, employees may decide to look elsewhere.
  • They’ve maxed out on pay. Some positions have a salary cap that is non-negotiable.
  • There are few opportunities for growth. If a current position doesn’t have any pathways for professional development, employees may need to take matters into their own hands and create a new journey.
  • Coworkers are leaving. If colleagues are handing in their resignations at a pace that seems faster than normal, that can be a red flag.
  • They’re worried about losing a job. Layoffs are still a thing, even in today’s competitive hiring market. Also, not every job is going to be a great fit for every employee. There’s a reason why we say “The Match Matters” at That’s Good HR. We work to place people in positions that will maximize their skills and talents and keep both the employee and the employer happy and satisfied.
  • Their mental and physical health is suffering. Professional stress can manifest itself in digestive upsets, headaches, anxiety, depression, or several other conditions. Switching jobs may be just what the doctor ordered.

That’s Good HR can put the pieces back together

Regardless of the reason, being unemployed can be a distressing period. While it’s tempting to send a resume to every opening you can unearth on the internet and job boards, you may be more successful when you partner with That’s Good HR. As a top Indianapolis area staffing agency with more than 20 years of experience, we specialize in placing candidates in positions with top local employers. Yes, our name is That’s Good HR, but our available jobs include positions in administrative, accounting, customer service, medical administration, and human resources.

We take pride in going the extra mile for our candidates and clients. When our recruiters connect with clients, they first take the time to have a conversation. Once they’re familiar with your story and skillset, they will work to match you with employers who are looking for someone just like you. This personal approach ensures that we’re doing more than filling open positions in the Indianapolis job market. We’re making good matches, which includes prepping candidates for an interview and following up to ensure the relationship works.

If you’re unemployed – or if you’re ready for a professional change –  check out what’s listed on our job board. Or, submit your resume now, and we’ll review it and get in touch if you’re a good match for one of our open positions. Don’t let a fear of change keep you from reaching your true professional potential. Reach out to That’s Good HR now to start writing the next chapter.