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Valuable Lessons for those in Central Indiana Jobs

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September 14, 2010

I recently attended the Indiana State Human Resources Conference and learned a lot of great things.


There seemed to be a recurring theme throughout all the sessions I attended which I think is valuable for employees and employers alike: we have been through (and are still experiencing) very tough economic times. Central Indiana jobs have been eliminated, employees in entry level jobs in Indianapolis to those in six figure jobs in Indianapolis are expected to do more and morale is low. It is time for employers and employees to reengage with each other and become excited about their jobs and the companies they work for. Companies have been so focused on the bottom line and employees on protecting their jobs they we have forgotten about trusting and respecting each other.

Libby Sartain, who worked for Southwest Airlines and Yahoo! spoke about this topic at the Conference. Sartain’s message was that the success companies experience is not the result of one person or one executive, it is the result of everyone. Employees are looking for opportunities that ignite their creativity but also bring balance to their lives and HR professionals are searching every day for "stars" to contribute to this environment.

Sartain says people want challenging work. They want to make a difference. They want to have fun. They want a sense of community — and community involvement. They want to take occasional time off to spend with friends and family.

Employees want you to outline their role and what it means. They want to know what success means for them and the organization.

Employees and employers both need to be effective communicators. Communication gets projects done. And you have to communicate the meaning of what you do time and time again.

This is a great message for all central Indiana employers in addition to those employees entering an Indianapolis job search or searching for career opportunities. The focus should be on companies who embrace putting trust and value in their employees. At That’s Good HR, we make sure that before we place our candidates on a job, we learn as much as we can about the company, the culture, the job and the expectations. This way, our employees have the best chance to go in and put their best foot forward right away. To learn more about Central Indiana job opportunities, visit our website at