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Best Blogs of 2018

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Susie McKenna
December 20, 2018

We love sharing our perspective on diverse topics on our website all year long.  We pride ourselves on generating original content. Here are our most read blogs of 2018 according to our Google Analytics.  Want to read them all? Click here.

  1. Outrageous Resume Mistakes

This blog takes our top spot.  It could be because it as the word “outrageous” in the title or it could be that people checked it out to make sure they weren’t creating any resume crimes of their own. Career Builder had just released a new study that revealed the most outrageous resume mistakes that hiring managers nationwide have experienced. The study also revealed 23 percent of hiring managers admitted to spending less than 30 seconds reviewing a resume. The errors included an applicant listing 40 different jobs in one year, using a different font for each sentence, an applicant that stated they do not like babies or puppies and a resume that was just one sentence long. See what the number one mistake was here.

  1. Candidate Profile: Shatalya Fields

We profiled many candidates throughout the year, but Shatalya Fields’ blog was the most read.  After her entire department got laid off, she did not know where her next job would be.  She had served in the Air Force for five years and after leaving the military she had worked in several positions – from leasing agent to cashier – but was eager to start a career. One of her former co-workers suggested calling That’s Good HR and you’ll have to read on to find out what happened next.

  1. Tax Time – Changes are Coming!

The new year brought new tax changes, which are the most significant tax changes that have happened  in the past 30 years.  Check out a summary of the items that might impact you as an employee.  The blog includes an easy-to-read chart of the new tax brackets as well. 

  1. Hidden Talents

The TGHR team is not just talented at finding great jobs for great candidates, but also have some hidden talents as well as detailed in this blog.  Discover who is an award-winning dancer, an expert cow wrangler, and who can write with their toes!  But our best talent is helping our clients find awesome candidates for their open positions.

  1. How the Royal Family Can Help Your Job Search

To celebrate the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle that occurred earlier this year in May, we documented how the royals could actually help you find a job. The Royals have a set of rules they are expected to follow and some of these odd mandates apply to job searching too. Read on to see what these rules are.