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October 7, 2010
That’s Good HR has taken another step toward integrating our recruiting strategies with our social media outlets!  If you have not already noticed, we’ve added a feed of our open jobs on our Facebook fanpage.  So what’s the big deal, you ask?  The big deal is that we are able to place information about our open positions on a site that most people are visiting every day anyway.  According to statistics on Facebook’s site, 50% of Facebook users visit the site daily and the 500 million active users on Facebook spend over 700 BILLION (that’s right, billion) hours per month on Facebook.  So what better way to reach top talent than to have our jobs actively out on our Facebook page so that the active users will see that information during their daily perusal of Facebook status updates?  

This is not beneficial only to recruiters. It can also be extremely beneficial to someone in an Indianapolis job search.  If you are already actively interacting on Facebook on a daily or weekly basis, why not also conduct your job search activity without having to go to multiple other sites?  If you are a fan of or "Like" the Page associated with the top companies you’re targeting in your job search, you can review their list of current open jobs and choose the ones in which you would like to apply (that is, if they are using this feature).  In some instances you may not even have to visit their actual Facebook page to get that information.  Facebook has the option to "share" the link to the posting with the fans of that page and fans can also share it with their individual friends as well.  So for example, you may not be a fan of a particular company, but you might find out about their open positions if one of your friends shares a link to one of the positions with you (or their entire group of friends).  Whew! That sounds complicated, but it is really not, give it a try.

I know that a lot of social networking skeptics would say that they don’t become a fan of or "Like" a company they are targeting because they don’t want people on that page to be able to see their personal profiles.  Well, good news!  If you set your privacy settings correctly, they won’t be able to see anything on your profile unless you actually become friends with those individuals.  So what do you have to lose?  Again, if you’re already spending the time on Facebook, why not make it productive for professional purposes as well? 

Below is a screen shot of where you can find our job postings on our website.  Check it out!  If you have any further questions on how this function works, please reach out to one of our recruiters…we’d be happy to walk  you through it.  If you’re in an active or passive job search and you’re not already a fan of That’s Good HR, go do that now.  I guarantee you’ll find more value to it than just seeing our open jobs.  We are constantly posting relevant articles about the job market and other related topics.