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How That’s Good HR Gives Your Resume a Voice

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Madison Schacht headshot.
Madison Schacht
Manager of Talent Acquisition
September 14, 2021
Benefits to Using a Staffing AgencyDo you want to stand out to a hiring manager? That’s Good HR helps job seekers like you find the right career by meeting to walk through the application procedure and then talking with our hiring clients to give your resume a voice. We like to say that we bring the human side to the paper resume. Through our unique hiring process, our talent acquisition partners will make sure your future employers get the whole story of your skills and experience. And we’ll be there with you every step of the way, from resume, to interview, to job offer!

Try our resume template

Is your resume up to date? A well-written resume is the first step to any job application. If you need to craft your first resume (or update an old one) you can try out our trusty resume template. It will download as a Microsoft Word document to allow you to easily edit with your own job information. We usually recommend saving and sending it to employers as a PDF, which won’t affect the formatting when opened in different computer programs or apps. 

When you meet with a talent acquisition partner, we can discuss the most important parts of your resume and how you will be a good fit for applied positions. We can help you edit your resume if necessary, and we will point out especially relevant skills and experience to our hiring companies. One of the biggest benefits of working with That’s Good HR is that we will bring a voice to your resume, versus just applying on your own by submitting a resume online.

Let your resume tell a story

As you work on your resume, obviously you’ll want to list your jobs and responsibilities, but we also recommend job seekers include a statement of your soft skills and description of your professional experience at the top of your resume to paint more of a picture of your past to the reader. When we meet with you as a job seeker, we can discuss the most important details that you’d like us to highlight to employers, but it’s helpful to also have that on your resume as hiring managers look back at it again. 

A list of related organizations you’ve been involved with can also offer a good idea of the professional development you’ve completed to further your skills. You can also list ways that you went above and beyond your assigned tasks, as well as specific achievements you made in different roles. 

Highlight relevant achievements

When it comes to your resume, you want to include achievements in your career, without coming across as exaggerating on one end of the spectrum or a show-off on the other. Ask yourself a few questions: “Can anyone perform this task, or did you do something to make it special?” “Did specific results come from this responsibility?” “Can I describe it in more detail?” Adding specific details to how you performed a task gives more of a voice to your resume. And including precise numeric results, such as increasing profit margins by 20%, can make it an achievement worth noting, giving your talent acquisition partners at That’s Good HR more of your positive achievements to share with our hiring companies. 

Use an active (not passive) voice

Give a fuller picture of the tasks you’ve been doing by using an active voice, rather than a passive voice, on your resume. Generally, this means removing “was” from your sentences and moving the verb earlier in your statement. For example, instead of saying, “A promotion was awarded for my consistent performance,” you could say, “Earned a promotion for consistent performance.” Using the active voice will create a stronger, but subtle, effect for the responsibilities that you’ve had in the past, giving us more emphasis for talks with your future employer.

Don’t forget the thank you note!

A good resume will get you in the door, and a solid in-person or virtual interview will solidify your voice and experience with an employer. But what can really seal the deal is a proper thank you note. At That’s Good HR, we think that a thank you note is always best practice, showing initiative and follow-through. A written note is great, but an email is also acceptable, especially with how quickly jobs can move in this labor market. Check out our sample thank you note for help with what to write, and don’t forget to send it promptly!

If you need assistance with your career search from the talent acquisition experts, contact That’s Good HR at 317-469-4141 or submit your resume online so that we can contact you regarding all open jobs you are a match for. Our services are always free for job seekers, and we’d be thrilled to help you find the job of your dreams.