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A Life-Changing Job: Jennifer’s Story

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November 2, 2015
Life can throw curveballs at us. Even when we think we have things all figured out and well planned, it doesn’t always work out that way.

Jennifer DeWitt can tell you all about curveballs. This hardworking single mom of three knows all about it. With kids who have special health needs, she’s had to juggle all sorts of unexpected and hard things. After her boys started school, Jennifer signed up for classes at IUPUI in hopes of securing solid employment down the road. As she neared graduation, she attended a job fair at the college. It was there that she connected with Kate from That’s Good HR. Jennifer was eager to line up employment with graduation just around the corner.

“I knew Kate was in my court from the beginning,” said Jennifer. “She got to know me and my family’s needs.”

Kate was able to place Jennifer in a temp administrative position at Butler University just a week and a half after graduation. Shortly after starting the job, one of Jennifer’s sons was scheduled to have neurosurgery.

“I never felt like I had to pick between being a great employee or a great mom,” said Jennifer. “That’s Good HR and Butler were just so wonderful and flexible with me in the middle of all of the health and family issues. It was amazing.”

Temp positions are a great way for both employers and employees to try each other out and see if a job is a good fit personally and professionally. It was clear from the beginning that Jennifer and Butler were a great match for one another. A few months after she started her job there, she was hired on at Butler as a full-time, permanent employee in donor relations.

“I literally went from someone using food banks to feed my family to a mom able to support her kids on her own. That’s so incredible,” said Jennifer.

At TGHR, making matches like this one is what we’re all about. If you’re still looking for that next step in your career path, let us know. We’d love to help.