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Myths about Temporary Jobs

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Madison Schacht headshot.
Madison Schacht
Manager of Talent Acquisition
October 12, 2021
Temporary Jobs

You’re out of work, but the bills keep coming in. Someone suggests a temporary position, and you react with a shudder. Myths abound about temporary jobs. People think they’re for people who can’t find real jobs. They assume temporary job placements don’t offer job security, benefits, or a future with the company. 

Most of the myths surrounding the temporary job market simply aren’t true. Temporary jobs can be the answer to your job hunting challenges. You won’t be alone – 16 million employees are in temporary or contract positions. A temporary job can offer flexible schedules or a chance to get your feet wet in a new industry. Let’s shatter some myths about temporary positions.

Temporary jobs aren’t professional

Temporary positions have a reputation for being the lowest on the employment ladder. People who have devoted years to education and work experience may fear a temporary position distracts them from their career goals. In fact, temporary positions may require top-level skills to jump into a company and contribute to the team. They give workers a chance to expand their professional network and get in front of industry decision-makers, which can open future doors.

Temporary jobs don’t offer benefits

Anyone who has shopped for healthcare insurances understands the importance of this job-related benefit. While temporary positions usually do not include company-paid healthcare insurance benefits, many staffing companies like That’s Good HR have in-house benefits for the temporary employees they place. 

Temporary jobs have no job security

Working in a temporary job gives you a chance to showcase your talents to a potential employer, which may lead to a permanent position. Employers want the best employees. If you are bringing your A-Game to the company each day, you’ll be in a much better position to showcase your skills and move to the front of the line when a permanent position opens. A temp-to-hire position is the perfect answer for someone who wants long-term employment. After a period of testing the waters, both the company and the temporary employee may agree they want to make the relationship permanent. Everyone wins!

Temporary jobs are for low-level tasks

Temporary positions have an unfounded reputation for being entry-level or grunt work positions. That’s not true. Many companies turn to temporary staffing for human resources positions, executive assistants, administrative work, or healthcare careers.

Temporary jobs are a last resort

Temporary jobs bring their own advantages to the workforce table. Maybe it’s time for a career change, or at least a career adjustment. Temporary jobs let you learn new skills firsthand, providing valuable experience for your resume. Temporary jobs can be a flexible solution for someone who does not want to commit to a full-time, year-round job commitment. They may be the right option for parents with schoolchildren, who want to be home during summers and school breaks. 

Don’t be afraid to check out temporary jobs during your job search. The myths aren’t true. Temporary jobs offer the all-important foot in the door to many industries. They can help you expand your professional network and pick up new professional skills. Keep an open mind as you check out the job board at That’s Good HR, which offers several temporary, temp-to-hire, and permanent job placements. The match matters, and sometimes it’s the match you never would have considered otherwise. Want to learn more? Contact That’s Good HR now to find out how we can help you find the perfect match.