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July 1, 2014

Are you looking for a qualified, temporary staffing agency in Indianapolis to fill positions at your firm?  That’s Good HR is a leading temp agency in Indianapolis. Among all of the employment services we offer, we staff more temporary jobs and temp-to-hire jobs than other job categories. With the rise in temporary service demands in Indianapolis area, as well as throughout the country, we are helping our Indy clients meet staffing demands while minimizing long-term overhead expenses.

As Indianapolis temporary staffing specialists, we recruit job candidates for several popular temporary job categories. In fact, That’s Good HR is a temporary staffing specialist in several job categories, including:

  • Administrative jobs: Indianapolis companies often seek highly skilled professionals for office and administrative roles. Many of these positions are hired on a temporary or contract basis to meet demand, but often times become temp-to-hire administrative positions.
  • Financial and accounting jobs: In Indianapolis, financial and accounting jobs remain two of the most in-demand categories in the local temporary staffing job market. Like administrative temp jobs, financial and accounting positions often start as temporary staffing positions for seasonal projects, and many employers prefer to hire job candidates on a trial basis. For this reason, we have several recruiters at  That’s Good HR who focus exclusively on recruiting and placing temporary job candidates in financial and accounting positions.
  • Human resources (HR) jobs: As an expert staffing agency in Indianapolis, we also know what it takes to find the right person for an internal human resources role. We help many of our Indy clients recruit for HR candidates, which is also among one of the growing fields in the Indianapolis job market.
  • Executive (C-Level) jobs:  Many firms consider hiring executives on a contract or temporary basis during leadership transitions, when a current executive is absent for an extended period of time, or simply just to ensure a good fit before hiring permanently. With a recruiting team in place to help you with your executive search, as well as our customized, hrology services such as contract, compensation and benefit negotiation as well as transition services, That’s Good HR can serve the role as your executive headhunter with ease.

So now you know that we are more than just an employment agency in Indianapolis. Whether you’re seeking a temp agency and temp services or simply want to work with experienced Indianapolis headhunters, That’s Good HR can help you find the perfect fit.