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That’s Good HR Weekly News Update – June 10, 2011

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June 9, 2011
economyRecession? Recovery? Double Dip? Are you as confused as I am about the direction our economy is heading?  Looking back over the past 8 weeks of Weekly News Updates, one begins to feel a bit conflicted about better times, worse times and how to ride the waves as they ebb and flow. To have a crystal ball right now…

As a 20 year staffing industry veteran, I am quite used to change, uncertainty and the need to adapt. Staying ahead of the curve is a full time job for us as I am sure it is for you.  I hope this update is useful in that effort. Here are some of the the top headlines of the week for your review. Will it change again next week? Tune in and see, but likely so!


Employers struggle to control wage-and-hour litigation: The complexity of federal and state laws, the relative ease of winning class action certification and workers laid off as a result of the weak economy have led to more litigation in recent years, observers say. (BusinessInsurance.com)

Jobs data stoke US recovery fears:  The US added just 54,000 jobs in May, confirming fears that the recovery of the world’s largest economy has stalled. (FT.com)
HR Policy Highlight: Summer hours can be a perk with more bang for your buck than more traditional employee benefits. (Inc.com)

You Need to Get Your Senior Managers Engaged:
Here’s the key finding that jumped out at me from this survey: to make talent management successful, it’s all about senior management and the CEO. If they are engaged in the process, it’s likely to work. If they’re not, it probably won’t. (tlnt.com)

6th Largest Graduate School of Education Relocating from Illinois to Indiana: American College of Education (ACE), an academic institution that provides online graduate degrees for working educators seeking advanced degrees, announced today that it will move its main campus from Chicago to Indianapolis, creating up to 40 new jobs by 2014. (DevelopIndy)

US job woe raises fears for economic growth: US employers hired far fewer workers than expected in May and the jobless rate rose to 9.1pc, raising concerns the economy might be stuck in a painful slow-growth mode. (The Telegraph)

High fuel prices dog Republic Airways: Shares of Republic Airways Holdings Inc. have been skimming treetops lately, falling within pennies of their 52-week low of $4.43 per share as the once contract-only airline struggles with rising fuel costs for Frontier Airlines, the scheduled carrier it acquired in 2009. (IBJ)

College Grads Facing Tough Choices : As the Class of 2011 graduates from college and joins the ranks of millions of other Americans desperate for work, there are several things to keep in mind for these latest members of the Austerity Generation. (Newgradlife.com)

EEOC Settles Staffing Case, Files Another: The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission announced it settled a national origin discrimination suit with a temporary staffing firm, a local franchise and one of its clients. Separately, the EEOC also announced it filed a suit in May against a staffing firm for refusing to hire an applicant because of a disability. (Staffing Industry)
A Crackdown on Employing Illegal Workers: Obama administration officials are sharpening their crackdown on the hiring of illegal immigrants by focusing increasingly tough criminal charges on employers while moving away from criminal arrests of the workers themselves.(NY Times)