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That’s Good HR Weekly News Update – May 5, 2011

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May 4, 2011
sunshineCould it be? Is that the sun I saw making a appearance this week? If even for a minute, that is progress. BIG news week and I am going to spare you any stories about Bin Laden, as I am sure you have had your fill. Interesting to note, however, that a lot of other things of note were in the news this week. Here is a quick wrap up of some I found particularly relevent regarding Indianapolis careers, hiring trends, HR and staffing agencies. Enjoy!

Hiring Starts to Pick Up Pace: According to the WSJ online, so far this year, small businesses have added roughly twice as many workers a month as they did in most of 2010, recent data show. Experts say small employers are cautiously ramping up as they gain confidence that business conditions and loan activity will hold steady or improve.

Are companies hiring the newest graduating class, or aren’t they?  A recent survey from CareerBuilder suggests that recent college grads should try to stay optimistic.  Recruiters might see if this thread of possibility holds strong this spring and summer. Read more at Recruiter.com.

Play Power: How to Turn Around Our Creativity Crisis: The division between work and play is a myth. If America is going to teach its youth to innovate, we need to unite the two. According to Newsweek, the United States is in a creativity crisis. TIME reports that today’s students are less tolerant of ambiguity and have an aversion to complexity.

April 2011 Economic Briefing: A summary of the Indianapolis/Marion County economy from DevelopIndy

Fastest Growing Industry Also Well-Paid: Over the next decade, it’s predicted that the most rapid job creation will occur in  the management, scientific, and technical consulting services industry.  This field is expected to grow by 83 percent (more than 800,000 jobs) over the 2008–18 decade, which is both the fastest projected rate of growth and the largest expected job gain of all detailed industries.

The Secret of Higher Performance: How integrating employee engagement and strengths boosts both. Great information from Gallup.com.

A Sense of Disclosure: According to CFO.com, new 401(k) rules pose a challenge for small and midsize companies. CFOs at small and midsize companies should monitor new 401(k) plan disclosure requirements. There are several new or forthcoming rules, and one in particular — ERISA Section 404 (a)(5) — could cause headaches.