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Top Jobs and Industries for 2023

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Top jobs for 2023
Madison Schacht headshot.
Madison Schacht
Manager of Talent Acquisition
January 18, 2023

Do your New Year’s resolutions include a new job or career? You’re not alone. About one in five Americans are planning a job switch in 2023. The good news is that you don’t have to go on this journey alone. That’s Good HR has more than two decades of staffing experience in the Indianapolis area. We have the inside scoop on open jobs in fast growing industries, and we can help match you to your next professional challenge. Read on to find out what jobs and industries we expect to see taking off and staying hot in 2023.

Healthcare jobs

After almost three full years of pandemic-related activity, the healthcare industry is facing staffing shortages due to professional burnout. At the same time, patients are venturing back to their healthcare providers for screening examinations and check-ups that they may have postponed, which means the industry will continue to grow. This adds up to an increased demand for healthcare and the jobs that support the industry.

You don’t have to be a trained doctor or nurse to pursue a healthcare career. Our job board includes front desk, office management and other administrative positions. If you’ve always thought about going into healthcare but weren’t sure you wanted to invest the money and time for a degree, a medical office job is a great way to find out if the industry is a good fit for you.

Top administrative positions

Don’t let the headlines fool you. While the Bureau of Labor Statistics warns that office and administrative support positions may see a decline over the next decade, our local employers still call us regularly seeking executive assistants, administrative assistants and receptionists. What skills make you more competitive? Excel in Excel. This popular spreadsheet is used in almost every work setting, and free tutorials help you understand its many available functions. Would you rather have hands-on experience? Consider a temporary position where you can develop your administrative skills and build your professional network at the same time.

Accounting jobs

Are you a numbers person? Good news – accounting salaries and employment are both expected to rise in 2023. Even in an unpredictable job market, companies need bookkeepers, cash managers and accounts payable clerks. Accounting jobs require meticulous attention to detail, a skill you may be bringing from your previous positions. Remember, the That’s Good HR staff members are experts at helping people repackage their current skills and be open to new opportunities.

Jobs in the human resources industry

The human resources field continues to grow, and our job listings reflect the industry’s positive outlook. HR jobs might be some of our favorite positions to fill, because the industry has been so rewarding for the That’s Good HR staff. We also love the HR industry because it’s such a good landing spot for skills you may have acquired in industries like education, nursing and the service industry. If you’re interested in talking to someone about how your current skills can transfer to an entry level HR job, submit your resume to us now and we’ll start a dialogue.

The job outlook in 2023 continues to unfold, opening opportunities for job growth and career changes. Is this the year you find your dream job? That’s Good HR can help you navigate the changing landscape as you move into your next professional chapter. Let’s work together to find your match.